Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Pomegranate for the Cardinals

Sometimes I buy a pomegranate, put it on a shelf, and never get around to eating it. You have to be in the mood to get red juice on your hands...

Cardinals are happy to help with that. I cut a dried-up looking pomegranate into bits yesterday -- it was still juicy inside -- and put them on my porch.

A male (above) and female northern cardinal (below) have been visiting ever since. They eat seeds and fruit, so  pomegranate pips must seem like the perfect food -- a seed wrapped in a bit of juicy red fruit!


  1. Love that. Beautiful pictures. I'm going to try this and leave as an offering. Nice site!


  2. I think that bird is in the angry bird game/ Am I right. I saw this while I am trekking in Africa. That will be amazing.

    1. Hi Yaseen, I think it is likely that the red angry bird was drawn with a northern cardinal in mind, though they are not exactly the same. How lucky you are to be trekking in Africa! Best, Julie