Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wet Starling!

This is a European Starling, Sterna vulgaris. An occasional bath helps it maintain its glossy splendor.  I came upon a starling splashing at the edge of a pond in Brooklyn, in New York City. After getting wet, he flew into a tree and shook and preened methodically for a few minutes, pictured below. Click on the photos to enlarge. 
Shaking harder. 
Preening right.
Preening left. 
Stretching and erecting the feathers. 
Preening right again. 

Preening left again. 
Erecting everything again. 
The starling eventually flew to a higher branch, spread its wings, and sat in the sun to dry. 


  1. Great photos. Incredible sequence.
    (what type of camera do you use?)

  2. Thanks! I use a couple of different D series Nikons. These were taken with a D3000. Best, Julie