Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby Robin !

Last week I found a robin's nest in the garden behind my home in Brooklyn. Click on the photos to enlarge.  
The nest was placed under a lamp, where it was sheltered from rain, heated from the light at night, and supported on a sturdy pole. Clever! 
I tiptoed out after dark and found a vigilant parent motionless on the edge of the nest, watching me. I bet she heard me coming. 
This parent is removing a fecal sac that a chick produced, a little membrane-bound package of waste material that is easily carried away and discarded. 
Robin chicks grow fast. Not wanting to disturb them overly much, I returned a week after I took the photos above, and I found this giant baby.
Action shot! A parent brought food and the baby jumped up enthusiastically, looking sparsely feathered. 
Parent and chick in a classic pose. A few days after this photo was taken,  I went to look at the nest and found it empty. Good luck, Baby Robin! 

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