Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sea Hawk vs. Seahawk

This is an osprey, Pandion haliaetus, sometimes called a river hawk, sea eagle, or sea hawk. It nests near water and eats fish, diving with a dramatic splash and then rising with a fish in its talons.  
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I have a $20.00 bet on the Seattle Seahawks in today's Superbowl game, so I am on their side. Nevertheless, I want to point out that the live raptor they use as a mascot, the one that flies across the field just before the team runs on, is an Augur hawk, a bird native to Africa. It eats mammals, snakes, lizards, and birds -- it's really a land hawk.

OK, back to beer and nachos.

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  1. Hi Julie! We Seattle fans appreciate your support. And thanks for this interesting tidbit. I obviously haven't been paying attention--I thought the mascot was an osprey. :)