Sunday, November 8, 2015

Columbus Circle Pigeons

There I was, sitting on a bench at Columbus Circle in Manhattan, eating a hot knish and looking around. A lot of things were going on: food vendors, sirens, souvenir sales, people renting bicycles, pet-walkers, skate-boarders, shoppers, police, horse-drawn carriages, beggars, preachers, pedicab drivers drumming up fares, New Yorkers walking fast, traffic churning, trains rumbling below, someone doing yoga, and a guy playing a saxophone. And right there in the center of it all --- pigeons. They seemed to be perching on the statues with particularly artistic flare. 
Is this boy showing off for his mother?
"Look -- three at once!" 
A pigeon delicately balanced upon the nose. 
A tender moment with mother, child, and pigeons.  Click on the photos to enlarge. This is the sixth blog I've written about pigeons! Type "pigeon" in the search box on the right for the others. 

"Pigeon friend of mine, 
Fly on, sing on." -- Carl Sandburg

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