Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some New Urban Wildlife

When I went outside yesterday to look for some urban wildlife around Brooklyn Heights, I was overwhelmed by an apparent irruption of wild Pokemon creatures like the Doduo pictured above. Click to enlarge for a better look. 
This Clefairy was just hanging out on a street corner. Looking at me. 
And I saw this Polliwag who looked like he might be up to no good. 
This Zubat flapped at me. 
A Staryu was hanging out at Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza. 
This little wild Eevee was frolicking in the Metro Tech gardens. 
In the same garden -- a Rattata in the grass. 
There were lots more of these things in the neighborhood -- dragons, snakes, rhinos, cats, monkeys, octopus and other fabulous forms. If you go out to hunt for them, which I and apparently thousands of other New Yorkers think is fun, try Pier One at Brooklyn Bridge Park where there are often active lures. On Saturday night it was like Times Square down there. For now at least, the Pokemons seem to be everywhere. Like this guy, below, (or is it these guys, below) in my local supermarket.

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