Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autumn Leaf Edition

The leaves are turning colors and blowing away as the seasons change and the last of the migrating birds pass through. But not all of our New York wildlife goes away for winter. 
There's still lots to see in Central Park -- in addition to the beautiful November colors. 
This gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, for instance, eating something delicious. 
Prospect Park in Brooklyn looks exceptionally pretty in autumn, too. 
This common shelduck, Tadoma tadoma, now paddling picturequely among fallen leaves, will be at the Prospect Park Zoo all winter. 
Brooklyn's Green Wood Cemetery is worth a fall visit just to walk under the fiery maples. 
And the famous Green Wood Cemetery monk parakeets, Myiopsitta monachus, are there year round. They are loud. You cannot miss them. 

Click on the photos to enlarge.  
All the views at Brooklyn Bridge Park are great, but autumn is especially nice. There are birds in the trees and on the water there year round. 
Pigeons like this guy, Columba livia, are available for photo shoots any time at all. I'm planning another batch of pigeon profiles soon. 


  1. Beautiful! This tells me those of us who've never been to Brooklyn (and to NYC only twice) would discover it's very different than our imaginations. Thanks for your blog. Kim in northwest PA

    1. Yep. There's more here than Times Square, altho the M&Ms really are spectacular there. :-)