Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Lunar New Year!

New York City is full of special urban wildlife this week for the Lunar New Year.  There are lions and roosters all over town, and drums and cymbals, confetti and sparklers. The lions above are toys, but large versions are dancing in the streets of the New York Chinatowns. 
Here's a pair of lion dancers crouching in the crowded street. 
Here's a scary one. 
This one was tame enough that when he got close I was able to pet him. 
And I saw a couple of cubs! 
And then there were the roosters. Goodbye Year of the Monkey,  hello 2017 -- Year of the Rooster! Click on the photos to enlarge. 
Roosters everywhere you look. 
Here's one with his own bucket of rice. Happy New Year! 

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