Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Gotta love the decorations everywhere. Click to enlarge.

I am seeing lots of animals out there, mostly skeletal, like this bird.
And this bony parrot on the pirate's shoulder.
And lots of mammals, too. I think this is a wolf a-howling.
A rat.
A cat.
A dog.
I even see an occasional horse. The thing about Halloween mammal skeletons is they have ears. Bony ears. Go back and look. Ears make them easy to identify but would not be found on real skeletons. Google a few.
But this spider skeleton is the funniest I've seen because spiders, being invertebrates, don't have any bones inside at all, just rigid exoskeletons. Now that's scary!
And I wish all the humans a fun Halloween!

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