Sunday, March 31, 2019

Swan of a Different Color

I'd call this a purple-billed black swan. Lovely isn't it?
April Fool! I made it up! It's a normal black swan with a normal red bill like in this photo. I painted it purple in Photoshop. Be warned that tomorrow is April 1st, April Fool's Day.       Be on the lookout for more silly pranks!
 Here are some awful swan jokes suited to the holiday: 

Where do swans invest their cash? 
In the stork market! 

Why don't swans grow up?
Because they grow down! 

Do you know why swans stay home on winter days?
Fowl weather!

What do swans watch on TV? 

A skunk, a herd of mostly female deer, and a swan go out to eat. When it comes time to pay the skunk only has a scent, the deer just have one buck. They end up putting it on the swan's bill!  

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