Sunday, June 23, 2019


It is officially summer! The solstice was on Friday, June 21. It's an easy time of year to find blog subjects. I just have to walk outside. Here's a few things I've seen since the season started. First, a curious catbird keeping an eye on me from the bushes. Click to enlarge.
Wild orchids blooming in the New Jersey pine barrens.
A milkweed beetle ready for action.
There are lots of green tiger beetles out hunting. It always surprises me when I get too close to one of these shiny beauties and it takes off flying. Looks more like a runner, doesn't it?
Don't fail to admire the attractive spot pattern.
And here's a great find. A chrysalis. I think it's a black swallowtail. I'll report back when it emerges.
A dragonfly resting on a flower. There's so much going on out there!
Butterfly bush beginning to open.
Milkweed flowers are open and are doing a great business in bees and butterflies. Check out the striped legs and antennae on this lycaenid butterfly.
I saw this barn swallow having a still moment.
Until it noticed me. It was gone the very next moment.

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