Sunday, July 21, 2019

Baby Hummingbird

Remember this ruby-throated hummingbird nest from two weeks ago? Click to enlarge.
I walked by it today and discovered this young hummingbird sitting in the same pose. It makes its mom seem large be comparison, doesn't it? The little tail barely clears the edge of the nest. The mother did not come to the nest while I was there, perhaps not wanting to draw attention to the baby. I didn't stay long -- partly to avoid disturbing them and partly because the temperature was beginning to approach 100F.
Here's a closer look at the baby. It needs to grow a few more feathers on its face and its crown feathers are a little crazy. Has its mom's beak, though, don't you think? I'll keep an eye on it as it matures and will try to get a picture of them together.

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  1. hummingbirds are just pure love, waiting for these tiny creatures from a long time and they are coming home :)