Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Warm Day in January

It was 57F around here on Friday and I went for a walk in the South Jersey pine barrens. One of the first things I saw was this sign on the dam works machinery at Atsion Lake.       No need to tell me to keep out of there.
Then there was this abandoned cabin near the lake. Looks like a setting for a scary movie, right? I cam almost hear ominous background music rising.
There are lots of abandoned buildings scattered around the pines with lots of ghost house windows to look into. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Here are the remains of the furnace of an old mill. One of the things I like about the pine barrens are the hints it offers of untold stories, unfinished, and forgotten.
And even on winter days there's lovely nature all around like this old sycamore tree in its winter grandeur.
It rained all day on Saturday. I was inside with photos and time on my hands and I ended up photo-shopping the tree picture into this lacy sky-filled kaleidoscopic image.
It rained ALL day, so I made tiles out of that to produce this geometric image with pretty blue sky background with interlaced tree branch finger filigree. 
I also took a picture of an eddy of foam that was floating on this pine barrens creek. 
Then cut and copied and pasted and flipped it into this pretty lace doily.
It makes an interesting tiled image, too, right?
It was not very birdy out on Friday, but the turkey vultures were well represented and willing to pose for portraits. The reliable abundance of vultures adds to the unique atmosphere of the pine barrens. 

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