Sunday, May 31, 2020


I visited a park in the New Jersey pine barrens this week, planning for a picnic lunch. I'd forgotten that although the parks are open, the picnic areas are closed. This picnic pavilion was festooned with caution tape. Click to enlarge.
I peeked inside one of the closed buildings and took this picture of the roof. It's pretty, right? Nicely built by an anonymous carpenter. And the wood patterns are lovely. Frank Lloyd Wright once said: "Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials."
And with a little tweak from Photoshop...
It turns into twisty designs.
So I spent most of a rainy day twirling and flipping to make images like this.
Here's another series. Looks carved, doesn't it?
And one more...
All from this. By the way, had a picnic in the car and it was fun. I hope everything starts to look up everywhere soon. 

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