Sunday, July 26, 2020

Insects Close Up

The hot days of July are great for photographing insects. This bumble bee seems to be posing on the aster blossom, doesn't it?
I like to get close enough to imagine being enfolded in the pastel landscape of the flower, to be in the insect's world.  Click to enlarge.
See how the stamens seem to float in the center of this red daylily?
When a green sweat bee lands ...
It can look surreal.
Sometimes a photo reveals a lurking arthropod surprise. I was taking pictures of wild rose pagonia orchids like this one in the New Jersey pine barrens.
I was about to delete this shot because it's not sharply focused when I noticed that yellow blip on the petal.
Zoom surprise! The yellow blip is a crab spider.
And surprise within surprise! The spider is holding a tiny captured insect.
Uncomfortable weather for us out there right now. Good times for the insects.

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