Sunday, October 30, 2022

Daylight Savings Time -- Next Weekend

This is an early head's up for daylight savings time. It will end next weekend. Sometime between Saturday night, Nov. 5th and Sunday morning, Nov. 6th, turn your clocks back one hour. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of having slept late even though you get up at your regular time according to the clock. Click on the photo to enlarge and enjoy.

Today I had a confusing moment about DST. I am scheduled to participate in an international zoom call next Thursday. A friend who will be on the call from Warsaw told me to take note of the DST change. I assumed that meant the autumn change was upon us, but later realized that's not until NEXT weekend, after the call. So ... what was he talking about? Digging deeper I found that European countries end daylight savings time, which they call "summer time," on the last Sunday in October. Today.

Who knew? 

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