Sunday, January 8, 2023

Creature of the Year 2022


Competition was stiff for the 2022 Urban Wildlife Guide Creature of the Year Award (the UWG-COTYA). Congratulations to the winner, laughing gull with french fry! This audacious snack-snatching bird was featured in the “Labor Day Weekend“ blog of last September. Click on this sentence to revisit that blog. Take a bow, bold gull.

In the event laughing gull is unable to fulfill the duties of Creature Of The Year, first runner-up, amazing green flower will step in. This is the first time in UWG-COTYA  history that a plant has been chosen for the honor. Congratulations you stunning, unexpectedly colored zinnia! Click here to visit the flower’s original blog. Click to enlarge.

Congratulations and appreciation to all the creatures who made 2022 more interesting. Happy New Year and good wishes to all for a wonderful 2023!

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