Saturday, June 3, 2023

Under the Strawberry Moon


June’s full moon is sometimes called the strawberry moon, marking the season of ripe strawberries. It is fitting that the imposing moon caught my eye as it was rising yesterday, large and pink. I'd spent the day picking and then hulling strawberries. Behold a few fat of those juicy sun-reddened strawberries fresh from the field. Click to enlarge.

This guy, let's call him "Buck" for his bucket head, guards a strawberry field in South Jersey. I can picture him standing there at night under the strawberry moon. Um, spooky? The moon will technically be full this evening, June 3, but is worth looking at all weekend.

As for the strawberries -- they will soon be jam. I always make sure there are a few jars of this, the first ripened fruit of the year around here, to open at Christmas. Summer in a jar.

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