Sunday, March 3, 2024

Dragons and Lions


I promised pictures from last Sunday's Lunar New Year Parade in NYC. Here they are! This dancing dragon looks like he's about to catch the globe that represents the "Pearl of Wisdom." He did not, just continued to follow it on down the parade route through the narrow streets of New York City Chinatown.

Blue dragon!

Pink dragon!

There were also many fancy lions. They travel in lion dance teams with drummers and cymbal players. Lots of noise and fierce dance steps from the lions.

Green lion!

Click to enlarge.

This one isn't really blurry, it's shaking it's feathers, ur... its fur.

Another action shot. The lions are restless creatures.

There was a lot more to see, like this big-headed guy.

Senator Chuck Schumer makes it to the parade every year.

Lots of colorful dancers, floats, marching groups, horses, music, and fancy cars. It is a great parade!

And the location, among all of the restaurants of Chinatown, means that the parade snacks are fabulous and easy to find. There is nothing better than a big plate of hot fried dumplings on a cold NY afternoon.

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