Sunday, June 9, 2024

White Squirrels


I was on a road trip from New Jersey to St. Louis, Missouri, last week. Of all the roadside attractions along the way, the white squirrels of Olney, Illinois, were the best. Behold the white squirrel! Click to enlarge.

Here's more.

The town promotes and protects its special squirrel population. The road through the city park where many of the squirrels live is named White Squirrel Drive. There's a law that grants right-of-way to white squirrels on streets and sidewalks.

There are also regular Eastern Gray Squirrels in Olney; white ones are pink-eyed albinos of that species.

You can find white squirrel images all over town, like on the wall of a donut shop.

In the corner of a mural.

There are statues.

And this!

And souvenirs.

I bought myself a white squirrel cookie cutter. I'll show off what I bake with it in a later blog. White and pink icing will be involved.

Olney, Illinois, is worth a visit.

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