Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!


  1. I've tried to get a picture of the male cardinal in our backyard. Have not been able to get close enough. Does the bird eat those red berries?

  2. Dear T --

    I have never seen any bird eat those berries. The cardinals like other fruit though, and I give them a grape or a cherry now and then. All the birds in my garden like that bush because it is a leafy evergreen and they can dive into it and hide when they feel nervous. Often when the male cardinal is on the fence the female is in the bush.

    If you feed your cardinal regularly, he will come regularly, get used to you, and let you get closer. The cardinal in the picture perches on my window sill looking into the living room until he gets my attention. I encourage him by throwing sunflower seeds or peanuts. Cardinals are famous for visiting the same feeding spots for many years.

    Good luck getting a photo!