Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

My last accomplishment of 2010 was figuring out how to make a rudimentary You Tube video. Ta Da! Here is the link:

And my book about urban wildlife is now on, available to order for the February 1 release. YAY! Here is the link: Field Guide to Urban Wildlife (Thorndike Basic) (9780811705851): Julie Feinstein: Books

The stinging rose caterpillar could pass as a Christmas ornament!


  1. You take extraordinary photos, Julie! Jeff and I keep trying to take
    > pictures of the beautiful birds on our patio as they feed, but as soon as
    > we move a muscle to take the picture, they all fly off in a panic. I guess
    > they're motion-sensitive, like the T-Rex in "Jurassic Park!" Love, Rona
    > >

  2. Hi Rona! Thanks!

    You can gradually accustom the birds to your presence by scattering food and staying close enough for them to see you but far enough that they will come and eat. Get closer over successive feeding times and eventually they will not flee when you move. It takes time and patience but once they are used to you, you can get very close without scattering them.