Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pigeon Portraits

I am too sick to write today -- sore throat, cough, and chills. Instead I am  drinking juice, taking naps, posting pigeon portraits, and quoting Mike Tyson:

"I don't understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. 
They don't  bother no one." 

Click to enlarge.


  1. Hope you're feeling better! And is that really a Mike Tyson quote? If so, that's wonderful! A sensitive side to a fighter. Take good care.

    1. Thanks, Mollie. Starting to get better now. Yes, that is a quote from Mike. He keeps pigeons. Some New Yorkers still have those roof top coops you see in the old movies. :-)

  2. And I love all birds--these pigeons are particularly beautiful. Good photos!

  3. People like pigeons better when you call them Rock Doves. Who wouldn't like such resourceful birds?