Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11

September 11 is a sad day in my neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights as we remember 9/11 2001. We are within sight and walking distance of the World Trade Center. Last night's Tribute in Light reminded me of 2010, pictured here, when the lights attracted migrating birds. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you will be able to make out the sparkling specks in the columns of light. I wrote a blog about it then which you can read by clicking on this sentence. 
I watched much of the aftermath from this spot and I (and lots of New Yorkers) are still likely to burst into tears about it without much provocation. It hardly seems like it has been 15 years. But there's the New World Trade Center in the skyline across the East River, seen from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with one of the day's many spontaneous memorials in the foreground.  

Here's another memorial.
And another. 
And another. They are everywhere. 
These trucks from our local firehouse, Hook and Ladder Company 118 and Engine Company 205, were parked on the street today to make space in the station for the annual ceremony. The FDNY's motto is New York's Bravest. Six firefighters from this station died responding to the attack. Click on this sentence to read more about them. 
I took this picture at the Saint Patrick's Day parade this year. It is FDNY members carrying flags -- 343 flags -- one for every member of the New York City Fire Department who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Such a sad day today in Brooklyn Heights and everywhere. 

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  1. Beautiful post, Julie!

    I had a job interview at 1WTC on 8-10-01, 31 days before the attack. I did not get the job AND I might've been there if I had. The young woman and her assistant who interviewed me were killed on 9-11-01. I learned this through another woman who probably lives near the area that you do, as she told me she witnessed the attack from where she lived, and saw her co-workers die @