Monday, September 26, 2016

More Flickers

Last week I wrote about the northern flicker that landed in the tree by my window. Here's a few more of them, this time on the grassy lawn that overlooks New York Harbor on Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park. There was a flock of flickers there this weekend. I was alerted to it by Heather Wolf who has taken pictures of ALL the birds in that park. Click on this link to see them: You can tell that the flicker pictured above is a female by her unmarked face. 
The male has a black mark on his face, usually called a mustache, but technically a malar stripe.  Click to enlarge. 
The male also has a red crescent on its nape -- just like the female's. Both have dark tipped bills this day because they've been probing in the mud for tasty invertebrates. 


  1. We are seeing them in Washington Square Park, too, plus lots of other species.