Sunday, August 26, 2018

End of August

I've heard people say that August is the Sunday of summer. 
Here's to the last Sunday of August 2018 and summer's end!
I've posted below a few favorite photos from my August blogs of years past. 

A great Egret coming in for a landing, trailing toes. Click to enlarge.

A monarch butterfly. 

Rolling hills of Northern New Jersey in August. 

A laughing gull line up. 
Honey bee drinking a drop of water from a leaf. 
A carpenter bee on milkweed flowers. 
A bullfrog keeping an eye on me.
Snow geese overhead. 
A bumblebee at work. 
A great black wasp. 
A summer azure butterfly with striped antennae.
A deer watching me watch him. 
A baby northern cardinal with punk hairdo. 
An elegant monarch butterfly caterpillar climbing upward. 

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