Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pine Barrens Gentians

I am feeling smug about having found rare pine barrens gentians. These blue autumn flowers are natives of North American coastal pine barrens from South Carolina to New Jersey. This patch was growing beside a bog near Chatsworth, New Jersey.
Some people think the pine barrens gentian is the most beautiful native flower in New Jersey.  Click to enlarge.
Love the dots on the petals like fairy dust.
The flower bud looks to me like an Art Nouveau vase. 
I found an even more rare pink one!
This one is being visited by a common branded skipper moth, Hesperia comma.
Pine barrens gentians bloom from September through early November. They are likely to sprout up in areas that have been disturbed by fire or other things.
Gentian hunting is a great excuse to take a walk in the pine barrens. It's time.

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