Sunday, October 6, 2019

Stinging Rose Caterpillars

This is a stinging rose caterpillar, Parasa indetermina.  It's one of the fanciest and prettiest caterpillars ever. I saw a few of them on bayberry bushes by the side of a path at Cape May Point, New Jersey, last week. Click to enlarge. 
The last time I saw a stinging rose caterpillar was almost exactly nine years ago to the day and in the exact same spot at Cape May Point, and on bayberry leaves. Stinging rose caterpillars come in green, yellow, and orange; the ones I saw that time were all orange. I wrote a blog about it then.  Click here to read it.
This time I saw only yellow ones.  If this is a trend, I guess I can expect to see a group of green ones in that spot in 2028. They are very pretty in any color and exciting to find. If you see one, or pretty much any caterpillar covered with spikes and spines, don't touch. They don't call them stinging rose caterpillars for nothing.

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