Sunday, August 9, 2020



I was up early yesterday. Apparently earlier than raccoons settle down to sleep for the day, as I spotted this one gazing out of a tree near me. After taking this picture, I ducked away to watch, and then...

Another one stuck its cute face out! They withdrew inside when they saw me. I hid. They came back. Repeat. Repeat. Click to enlarge.
I stepped out of concealment and caught this.
And this. Such handsome animals. And then another surprise...

How many raccoons? Two in the upper right, one coming and one going, and a third little masked face popped up inside the tree!
Before yesterday, this family of squirrels held the title for cutest inhabitants of that tree hollow. I watched this gang grow up and venture out. Before this, I've never seen raccoons there; I would have noticed. I can see the hole from where I'm typing. This family just appeared full blown. And they disappeared as fast. I was waiting at the tree this morning at dawn, but -- no raccoons.
Were they just passing through? Looking for a new home after last week's tropical storm toppled trees all over the neighborhood? They have moved on, but I'm glad I saw them. Maybe they left to avoid the unwanted attention of the wildlife paparazzi (me).

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